Congratulations! For playing our game and supporting our Marathon, choose from the following: (Prizes must be claimed before midnight, EST, December 13, 2014.)

1. Coupon Code IMAWRITER. You may have any course regularly priced at $260 (includes a private tutor), for only $189 by writing to and putting the coupon code on the subject line. [Custom payment plan available. No interest.] Back to OR

2. Click on the proper link to claim your free 2013 Anthology eBook:
US or UK

3. Coupon Code EVALUATION. A detailed evaluation on a short story, up to 2,000 words. Claim prize by writing to and put the coupon code on the subject line. You have one month to submit your story. OR

4. Coupon Code TALKING. A free 20-minute phone session with Deborah Owen, CEO of Creative Writing Institute. (For US residents only.) Write to, put the coupon code in the subject line, leave your phone number and what topic you would like to discuss.

Back to the Marathon!

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