Five laws of conflict

Yes, I say five laws – not four (as everyone else says). 1. Man vs. himself – this can be anything where a man, woman or child fights with themselves. One instance of this would be Scarlet O’Hara in Gone With the Wind. 2. Man. vs. nature – a person battling a storm or other natural force (this could even be man vs. an animal) 3. Man vs. man – such as one person opposing another, physically, mentally, or emotionally 4. Man vs. society – Wuthering Heights would be a good example of this. This law of conflict doesn’t seem to be used as often, but can be very effective if you can pit a character against the “norm” of mankind 5. Man vs. machine – Star Trek, Star Wars, The Terminator and dozens of others come to mind. How can we not have a division for man vs. machine in a rampant day of sci-fi?


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