Novel Writing Isn’t for Beginners!

Writing tip: Novel writing isn’t for beginners. (It was worth saying again.)  I think every poor little writer in the world wants to write a book about their hard times in life. I hate to break the news, but everyone else is having a hard time, too, and to be honest, nobody cares about your problems. That, my friends, is the harsh reality of life, in spite of the few exceptions to the rule that you might find.

Writing tips they need to know before writing a novel:

  • what a hook is, or how to make one
  • how to build paragraphs with proper structure
  • what a theme is, or how to find it
  • what a plot is, or how to build it
  • how to build a character, or how to give it warts
  • what an arc is, or how to use it
  • what resolutions are, or how to do them

Gee, it’s a LOT OF WORK to learn all that stuff and then have to go back and edit your life’s dream.  So, how can you learn these steps? The obvious answer is a writing course. Start at the beginning and work your way up. Two classes will be all you should need, unless you also need a review course in punctuation and mechanics.

Writing tip: But if you can’t do that right now, read every article you can find on writing and take notes! Take The Writer Magazine, which is the best on the market (and I have no affiliations with them). Write to people with writing websites and ask them specific questions.

Another thing you can is to join one or more writing groups. The one I recommend is They have a five-star rating system where you can rate other people’s writing and they can rate yours. And before you get into a writing group, make up your mind that you will accept and act upon 95% of the suggestions and criticisms that you receive, and that you will not wear your feelings on your sleeves.

When you can craft a properly constructed 2,000-word story (the equivalent of one chapter), take a novel writing class. A novel is too much work to “try out”. For more free writing tips, the The Writer’s Choice Newsletter at, and thanks for stopping by!


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