What is writing style? Can I change my style?

As a new writer, I was so eager to develop my style… because I thought I had none. Actually, I did, and so do you. Style is nothing more than how you phrase your thoughts and how you express your character’s dialogue. In essence, your style is you—how you talk, how you perceive things, how your mind processes thoughts and spits them out on paper.

Your writing style will develop itself. As a young writer, it doesn’t matter if your stories are good or not. You’re developing your style! You’re learning how to string words together in the way that typifies you best. Eventually, you’ll borrow a little from this author and a little from that, and you’ll spice the mix with your own experiences, concepts, and fantasies, and out will pop your very own style.

Can you change your writing style? *answers hesitantly* Yesss… if you want to bad enough, but first you must change your thinking and how you phrase things. To do that, choose authors that write somewhat alike and read every single thing they’ve written. Ultimately, your subconscious will pick up a portion of it and it will blend into your present style. Another method is to read a paragraph, look away and rewrite it in your own words, then look back and compare.

Don’t be afraid of losing yourself in someone else’s style because no two people think exactly alike. Your writing style will always be you. For a FREE writing evaluation and more hot writing tips, check us out at http://www.creativewritinginstitute.com


5 thoughts on “What is writing style? Can I change my style?

  1. Hi Bonnie – Here’s a helpful tip: When you study another writer’s style, read a lot of their material and as you do, try to think like they do. Analyze as you read. The exercise you described is very good and it will make you grow! Thanks for your comment.


  2. Good discussion. We can always learn from other writers, but our style comes from who we are. Right now, one of my writing assignments is to copy the style of another writer. It’s actually very hard, because her style is completely different than mine. As you say, write lots; your style will develop your way.


  3. Thanks, Janie. I appreciate the comment. My style is very simple – very forthright, open and honest. I wish it were more complicated, but this is who I am. By reading other authors, my style continually evolves, and so it is with all writers. No one ever “arrives”. We only learn that we don’t know as much as we think!


  4. I have often had people tell me that reading my writing is just like having a conversation with me. Your post on style is so true – we all have our own style, that may evolve and change as we become more mature writers, but the basic style is there, no matter what kind of writing we do. I did not spend any time at all ‘developing my style.’ It just happened – or rather it was always there, I just let it out! Thanks for a great post, Deb.


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