E-Publishing – Is it Right for You?

To E-Publish or Not E-Publish… That is the Question
by guest blogger Nicholas Boving

Let’s face it, for the little-known author, getting a book into print is tough. Regular publishing is nearly impossible. Self-publishing is an exercise in frustration and sales rarely cover the cost. Besides, who wants a garage full of moldy, unsold books? Any way you look at it, your earnings per hour will average below starvation wage.

So what’s the alternative? After a stuttering, stammering start, E-Book Publishing is making a comeback in spades. The giants of the book selling world, Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble, have grabbed the baton and made their presence known.

But again, it comes down to self-promotion. Shameless self promotion. Put the information on Facebook. Send it to your friends and ask them to pass the message on. Twitter as hard as your little fat fingers will type. Blog about it. Guest blog about it. Get on LinkedIn and other such sites, set up a professional profile, hang out with authors and advertise your E-books. Use provocative titles that ask questions or make bold statements.

The Big Secret: Upload your babies to an E-Book site, bite the bullet and let it go for nothing. That’s right, for zip, nada, as in FREE! If you’ve only got one book, set a time limit on your offer. If you’ve got more than one, maybe rotate them. Study some of the E-Books you read and get ideas on how to present your idea in the best way possible. You’ll want to use colors, bold headlines, bullet points, etc. Not too many people can resist a freebie that meets a need. The name of the game is to get readers.

Of course there are no guarantees in life and even fewer in publishing, but at least with E-Books your destiny is in your own hands and it won’t cost you a cent. Why not give it a try?

You can see Nick’s E-books at https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/Nicholas.

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3 thoughts on “E-Publishing – Is it Right for You?

  1. Hi Janie – I’ve heard horror stories about boxes of books in attics and/or garages. Vanity publishing very seldom pays off.

    E-Books are taking over by storm. I don’t really like this trend as I think we’re losing a valuable literary exposure by going to libraries and bookstores and actually holding the books in our hands, but E-Books offer something equally valuable – TIME. We don’t have to get in the car and shop in stores.

    I learned a long time ago – you can’t fight a trend. The best thing to do is get in and flow with it.


  2. Good post, Deb. Writing is 95% promotion, after all. I self-publish my books on Lulu – no money up front and I don’t have to order boxes of books to store in the garage. I do both ebooks and regular books there. Of course, Lulu takes a percentage if anyone actually buys the books. 🙂 And I promote the heck out of them through my blog, Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, etc. Someday someone will actually find them and buy them!


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