Six Questions Beginning Authors (Should) Ask

Six Questions to Ponder

A big thanks goes to our guest blogger, Bobbi Linkemer

Do I have a good reason for writing a book?

Here are some sound reasons for writing a nonfiction book. (Money is not one of them.)
• You have “a good story to tell.”
• You are an authority on your subject.
• You will educate, entertain, inspire, or motivate your readers.
• You want to pass along the hard-won lessons of your life.
• You will convey your business philosophy and explain your path to success.
• You hope to right a wrong.

How do I know if my book idea is viable?
Ask yourself these questions:
1. Why am I writing this book? What do I hope to achieve?
2. What is my book about (in one or two sentences)?
3. How am I qualified to write this book? Can I demonstrate my knowledge, experience, and expertise in relation to my subject?
4. Why is this an appropriate and timely topic? What’s the big picture, the context? The political or social environment?
5. Who are my target readers? Can I describe them demographically and by interests?
6. How will they benefit? Why should they read it? What will they learn?
7. How will I reach them? What do I know about them? What do they read, do and like? Where do they go on the Internet? Where are they likely to buy this book?
8. How big is the market for my book? How many potential readers are there? How many books can I sell? How do I know?
9. What else is out there on this subject? How is my book unique/special/important? What do competitive books do/not do? How does my book do it better?
10. How will I promote my book? What are my specific plans? Do I have media contacts, connections in my industry, and a willingness to learn about book marketing?

Why should I write a book proposal?
A proposal answers all of the above questions. A proposal is your thinking document—a work in progress—until the moment you send it off to an agent or publisher. Even if you plan to self-publish, a proposal organizes your thoughts and helps you plan every aspect of your nonfiction book. All of it will become a part of your book later on.

How many sections of a nonfiction book are there?
A nonfiction book contains four parts:
1. Covers—front and back
2. Front Matter
Copyright page
3. Main Content
4. Back Matter

How can I get my nonfiction book published?
There are five publishing options:
1. Conventional or traditional
2. Self-publishing
3. Print-on-Demand (POD)
4. Independent publishing
5. Electronic publishing

What is book promotion, and how do I do it?

Book promotion is letting your readers know your book exists. The time to consider your promotional strategy is during the planning phase, not when you are holding the published book in your hand. There are many ways to promote your book. Here are some of them.

• Advanced review copies (ARC)
• Advertising
• Amazon
• Articles
• Blogging
• Book clubs
• Book fairs
• Bookstores
• Direct marketing
• Elevator speech
• Internet marketing
• Networking
• Nontraditional sales
• Public relations
• Speaking engagements
• Specialty retailers

Bobbi Linkemer is a ghostwriter, book coach, editor, professional writer, magazine editor, journalist and the author of 16 books. Bobbi works with executives and entrepreneurs to enhance their credibility and business. Learn more at Email: bobbi@writeanonfictionbook Phone: 314-968-8661 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            314-968-8661      end_of_the_skype_highlighting


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