The Benefits of Journaling

Reasons Why You Should Try Journaling by Annie Evett

We write for myriads of reasons:

• To share with others
• To seek social justice
• For self expression
• As a journey of self discovery
• To privately meditate

Journaling is a tool. Listen carefully and you’ll hear the deepest voice of your spirit emerge. Open the door to your soul and allow empowerment to blossom. Let the words flow until you see your situation in black and white. Sometimes issues will resolve themselves, but even if they don’t, confronting them will help you work through the pain.

Journaling provides opportunity to question yourself on a deeper level. Once you find the courage to voice the questions, it will be easier to find the answers… answers that may offer inspiration, further pondering, or maybe the base for a new character or article.

Reflective writing will help you keep in touch with honest feelings, explore without judgment, sense intimacy through movement, and process life.

Journaling will help you find solutions. Some people prefer the private formatting of pen and paper while others release through a keyboard or blog. Whichever you choose, commit to it on a daily basis. Don’t edit thoughts or direction the first five minutes. More often than not, the time will stretch and skills will ensue. Don’t worry about the end. It will come when you’re ready for it.

Every reflection will help solve your puzzle. You’ll clarify your thoughts and before you know it, past patterns of life will emerge as resurfaced memories. The incidents from yesteryear have formed your present being, but now you’ll be able to view them as a bridge between the present and the past.

Grant yourself the time to search your soul, understand yourself better, explore the pain, find new purpose, heal, and connect with the world around you. You’ll find that the song you sing will not only warble for you, but it will provide a guiding light for countless others.

Journaling is part of writing therapy and that’s what we special in at Creative Writing Institute. Drop by for a visit at and find more great writing tips in The Writer’s Choice Newsletter, available on that page.

Tell us about your journaling efforts. Did journaling (or keeping a diary) help you work through issues?


8 thoughts on “The Benefits of Journaling

  1. I”ve kept journals for decades, since high school and that was longer ago than I care to admit! Using a jopurnal, the written word, helps me channel and focus thougths and emotions to deal with situations that would otherwise overwhelm me. After leaving the abusive ex, I kept the journal for a while longer as I worked at putting the past behind me. In the past year, I haven’t had the need to put emotions on paper so I don’t write in it as often, but I do make an entry here and there. Keeping a journal really kept me sane and stable when otherwise I might have been a basketcase!


    1. Hi Pat – Welcome to my blog. You made a powerful statement here: “… the written word, helps me channel and focus thoughts and emotions to deal with situations that would otherwise overwhelm me.” That’s exactly what we do at Creative Writing Institute as we encourage cancer patients to journal. Speaking of journaling – I need to get my act together and get mine going again! Thanks for dropping by.



  2. Hi Deborah,
    Sonny Dinger , here again, you know I read Lynn ‘s tips
    of “get & got, and I am putting that into practice, now when I
    write an email even, Thank you,
    I’ll write your story,….


    1. Hey Sonny. It’s good to hear from you. Here’s another tip – don’t use “had”. If you’re forced into a situation where you must use it, use it only once to set the time frame (showing that one thing happened before another) and then revert back to regular past tense. The reader will follow your train of thought. Happy day!



    1. Your blog is nicely laid out and very attractive, however, the lines in the background are very distracting – especially when scrolling. I would suggest a solid background. You’re doing quite well. Keep up the good work and thanks for dropping by.

      Creative Writing Institute


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