Journaling with a Writing Voice

Use Your Writing Voice to Journal

by guest blogger, Annie Evett

Journaling gives a writer the opportunity to exercise their voice. We all have a story to tell. What better way to express your writing voice than through journaling?

Journal your observations on everyday life. Don’t shy away from committing your words to page because you feel your contribution to life is unimportant. What is pedestrian to you will most certainly be exotic to at least a small audience somewhere on the globe.

* Let your writing voice out. Journal first. Worry about getting a publisher or a book deal later. Write to just prove you can do it.

* We are surrounded by those who talk about books they want to write. There are far fewer individuals who actually complete that vision. Write more, talk less.

* Accept your past and all of your experiences as key to shaping who you are. Instead of comparing your writing voice to others, embrace where it is taking you.

* Write from your whole self and from your passions. A clear writing voice will reach your audience. Flavor it with humor. Learn to laugh at yourself. If you like to talk about new ideas, liberally sprinkle them in your writing. Anything less will be unsustainable along your journey as a writer.

* Start journaling the passions and perceptions of events that shape your existence. Do more than write a series of personal events. Put effort into your writing.

A myriad of venues that simply includes surroundings and experiences can stop creative flow. Similarly, a writing voice that holds no structure or theme leaves the audience little to identify with. Even when you write only for yourself, let your writing voice shine.

Can anyone write or is it only for the chosen few?

Perhaps it is for the few that choose to hone their writing voice.


2 thoughts on “Journaling with a Writing Voice

  1. Yes, and thank you for suggesting I start writing my Journal,
    I have enough in my head to write everyday , be it music or Bible
    or nutrition, I love to write and I love to write about cooking,
    creating healthy meals, I play Piano , the old time Gospel Songs of the
    Church, I have tried writing my own songs at one time, I enjoy cutting my grass in my yard because of how it looks
    after it its cut, I how to soon be writing for Creating Writing Institute with
    Deborah Owen……. I will go now,


    1. All of us are walking books with stories to tell. The problem is, we get older and forget some of those stories, although the imprint they left on our lives still remains. Thanks for your comment, Sonny!


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