Writing for Short Story Contests – Beginner’s Contest Listed Below

Entering Short Story Contests by Bob Bruggemann

Why enter a short story contest? One answer is to win prizes and services, but the primary reason is for exposure and recognition. It’s the next best thing to getting the entry published.

Some short story contests make submissions public. On other sites, only the winning stories are displayed. Either way, your work will appear before an audience. In rare instances, you may even receive feedback on it.

Short story contests can be scary, as it puts your work up for close inspection. It’s hard to be objective with your own writing. By the time you read and reread the same piece, your mind slips into a surreal fantasy and literally supplies missing words. Get a second or third set of eyes to proof your material and give you a report.

• Receive prizes
• Receive recognition for your labor
• Get Exposure
• Get Reviews

Don’t fear rejection. Keep on submitting. Don’t give up! Check out this SHORT STORY CONTEST for BEGINNERS ONLY at http://www.creativewritinginstitute.com. (Ends October 20, 2011.)

Short Story Contest Parameters:

• Guidelines (always stay within them)
• Some short story contests use prompts
• Content is first and foremost

Note: Always read the submission guidelines carefully and abide by them or your entry will be discarded as ineligible.

Have Fun

Short story contests immediately connect you with authors and avid readers. They have a unique talent for picking a story apart. A good writing forum will provide you with clear and concise feedback about your work and suggestions to improve it.

• Get your work read, even if it doesn’t win.
• Read your reviews and see where you can improve
• Grow a hard shell. Don’t get hurt feelings. Rewrite the piece and submit it again.

The absolute best part of short story contests is to let your imagination run free. In real life, you have so little control of what is around you, but when you write, you control the story, its inhabitants, and the surroundings. It is your own little world and you’re the king.

Use short story contest opportunities to sharpen your skills and don’t forget to check out this short story contest for beginners. It’s a small contest and your chance of winning is good. First place will receive a cash prize or a free writing course. http://www.creativewritinginstitute.com
Remember – FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES or your entry will be discarded.


5 thoughts on “Writing for Short Story Contests – Beginner’s Contest Listed Below

  1. Hi Deb,
    It’s me again, and I just had to write and say thanks for the Links you put
    in to click on and read more, I am really enjoying these , and learning more
    every day that I read this over, it is not always easy to find such exciting info,


  2. HI Deb,
    Good Morning and thank you for the letter, which I’m
    rereading, today, having started on my story; I wanted to learn if I
    missed some important advice/instructions,
    again, thanks…


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