Romance Writing Tips

Writing Good Romance
by guest blogger Terri Forehand

Have you toyed with the idea of writing romance novels? Romance writing is a big portion of book sales, you know, so there is a viable market for your work if you write well. Here is the key, you must construct your story well and have realistic main characters that have a problem along with having a romance threading throughout the story. Girl meets Boy is not enough of a story to keep your reader hooked. There must be a sense of attaining real LOVE.

Today’s reader is sophisticated and wants a more complex storyline. Even young adult romance has a complex storyline to include all kinds of bumps in the road. For example, think of vampires and wolves.

Sexual tension in a romance novel can be blatant and crude or subtle and sweet, depending on the author, the storyline, the publisher, and what the editors find most appropriate. Sometimes a writer must change a scene to accommodate what an editor thinks will sell. The author must be comfortable when writing this into the story and decide beforehand how to treat sexual tension. If an editor asks you to change a scene, you have the final decision on whether you want to make a sweet story into a crude one. Know your own values and what you want your story to say before submitting it.

Christian romance is even more complicated than Girl meets Boy because it will always have a Good versus Evil theme woven throughout the plot. A moral or ethical decision is often added to the complexity of finding the right partner. The sexual tension may be slightly less edgy then other romance tales.

As with any good story, it must have these elements:

• Believable and likeable characters – no reader likes a story when they can’t idea with the character
• Interesting plot – the plot must be believable
• Conflicts – true life conflicts spell “reality”
• A theme – every word of your story should carry the same theme from beginning to end

And above all else ROMANCE. Whether you decide on a sweet and tender romance or old couples falling in love in a nursing home, romantic LOVE must be part of the general picture. There is no romance without true love. When true love ceases to exist, the truly good scenes die. Your reader is expecting romance and if your story is written properly, your reader will feel it and come back for more.

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