Creative Writing Institute is pleased to announce the winners of the short story contest for 2012. Invite your friends and family to read the winning contest entries here:

Congratulations to:

First place – “Cupcakes” by Diane Maciejewski
Second place – “Shadow Horses” by Laura Armstrong
Third-place – “My Private Practice” by Helen Keevert Crall
Honorable mention – “The Orchids” by Jacqui Valota
Honorable mention – “Dr. Fenster and the Bank Robber” by Pat Decker Nipper
Honorable mention – “A Gentle Slow to a Stop” by Clare Potts

Thank you to our judges: Head judge – Jo Popek; Coordinating judge – Annie Evett; Judging panel – Lynn Carroll, Linda Cook, Terri Forehand, Diane Davis