Recipe for a Story Cake

How to Bake a Story Cake
by CWI Volunteer, Ariel Pakizer

Warning: This is a complicated recipe. It does allow a little room for change, but if you miss a basic ingredient, the results could be disastrous.

3 cups of passion
1 cup perseverance
1 cup discipline
3 cups focus
Preventing air bubbles
2 ½ cups criticism
1 cup knowledge
Emotion to color
Pour gently
Fold in imagination and depth
Let ripen overnight and taste for flavor
Garnish, and enjoy!


Find a quiet place to work. Baking a story cake requires time and concentration.

Locating the first ingredient: shop for the best idea in likely places, such as a beach, or a photo album. Reminisce with old songs. Think about family, friends, or pets. Don’t look for an idea – let the right one come to you.

When you’ve chosen the right idea, stir 20 minutes or until it becomes pliable and tangible. Add at least 3 cups of passion. More, if needed. Too little will make it dry.

Add patience, 1 teaspoon at a time and stir gently. If you rush this process, the story cake might fall. In due time, add 1 cup of perseverance, 1 cup of discipline, and 3 cups of focus, mixing well after each addition.

The best bakers are critical of their own work and willing to listen to suggestions. To keep your storyline from puffing air bubbles, let a friend check it. After consultation, blend in 2 ½ cups of criticism. Add 1 cup knowledge and stir well to form solid characters filled with gusto.

Now that you have the basic story dough, add just enough emotion to color it well. Be careful. Too little can make a dry plotline, and too much will make it frothy.

Blend, set aside, and let ripen three days. No peeking.

Now it’s time to pour your story cake into a mold. Arrange by layers and garnish with imagination and depth.

Let the finished product set one more night. In the morning, unveil your masterpiece! There it is. A story cake to be proud of, well measured, well blended, bursting with plump characters and filled with zest. Maybe you should sell it.

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