5 Reasons Why You Should Take a Writing Course

Writing Courses Motivate, Stimulate, and Imitate Life
by Deborah Owen

See Creative Writing Institute for details.

We creative writers are an odd bunch. Sometimes we can write. Sometimes we can’t. Sometimes we need inspiration. Sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we really feel like a writer. Other times we feel like we’re playing at writing.

For all you wannabe writers, if you can sit down and write about a picnic, a family function you attend, or a dream you have – you can be a writer! You just have to learn to channel your abilities in the right direction. The writing trade isn’t that hard to learn. No one is born with a pen in their hand. Writing is a learned trade.

• Do you want to be something more than you are? Look inside and what do you see? A new self trying to morph? How would you really like to evolve into that person? There is no better way to do it than through a writing course. As you learn to create characters and look at the world through their eyes, you will drift into a new dimension. Every piece of research, every piece of creativity will broaden your horizons and open your mind to new challenges. Become something you aren’t. Dare to see what you can be.

• Are your writing skills gathering rust? Wouldn’t you like the muse to stir until it compels you to write? Sometimes it takes a writing course to overcome the tediousness of daily life and help set a new routine. Do yourself a favor. March out the rhythm of your life to the beat of a writing course drum.

• Or perhaps you are an advanced writer. Maybe you think you would be bored in a class, and that you might not learn anything new. If that is the case, a wordsmithing course would be perfect for you. Learn to dissect the work of the masters so you can apply their secrets! Or perhaps you should branch out into a new field, if only for the experience of producing new zeal. Stretch yourself. If you have always written romance, change to writing for children, horror, sci-fi, or fantasy – there is so much to learn! The point is, don’t stagnate where you are. Grow by taking a writing course.

• Do you dangle your participles like worms? Do you split infinitives like wood? Do you even know what dangling participles and split infinitives are? Do you need a refresher course in punctuation? We have that, too.

• And there is one more good reason to take a writing course – to prove everyone wrong who doesn’t believe in you. Gain new stability in your life by believing in yourself. Sometimes you have to encourage yourself when no one else will. Take a writing course and put lift in your life.

Any way you look at it, a writing course is a good choice. It will motivate you, stir you, teach you, and expand your horizons. Learn how to create your own world, do it properly, and get paid for it. This is the best time of year to catch great writing course specials. Don’t see a special at Creative Writing Institute? Ask for one! Write to deborahowen@cwinst.com.


8 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You Should Take a Writing Course

  1. Reblogged this on Center for Writing Excellence and commented:
    Seasoned as well as new writers can benefit from writing workshops and courses. The Creative Writing Institute is offering some great courses, and of course we have our new Workshops Series starting right here at the Center for Writing Excellence.


  2. Yes, Deb, I fully agree with you about the course,
    My problem is, I have a difficult time staying wih one subject,
    I tend to want to work on something else,
    And to learn,one must be faithful to the work,/study
    As you are daily,
    That would be a challenge in it self, so, I must start somewhere!


    1. You bring up a good point, Sonny. You have to harness your energy before you can be effective. Think of hunting. Are you more likely to hit a bull’s eye with a shotgun or a rifle? With a scattergun, buckshot goes everywhere, but you have to aim at something if you want to hit it. The same is true with writing. Study one thing at a time and lay a good foundation. Later, you can revisit those things and build on the foundation. Best wishes. Deb


    2. Yes, Deb, I will begin working toward the goal of
      taking your course now.
      I love writing and the more I learn the happier I will be,
      I desire to write bible stories.
      So,I’ll get to work on the gosl, right,


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