Bleeding on the Keyboard

Releasing Your Life Through the Keyboard
by Anthony Morris


Ernest Hemingway once said, “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

Writers are plentiful, but great writers are few. To sit at a typewriter and pound out a story/article is hard enough, but to “bleed” all over the keys and reveal your soul requires courage and sacrifice.

As a writer, you can use your craft in a number of ways. You can transport readers to another time, space, or dimension, or move them emotionally to identify and interact with your characters. You might even consider yourself a cognitive therapist.

When the muse comes to visit, words tumble onto the page in harmony. Thoughts dance across the landscape of imagination – but at a cost.

Insomnia is an occupational hazard. You may not consider it a privilege to flesh out plot lines in the middle of the night. To keep your sanity (and get a little sleep), develop a system of checks and balances, as half of you will live in the real world, and the other half on the printed page.

You’ll create fictional characters and develop relationships with them like real people, and at the same time, interact with family, friends, your job, and financial pressures. After a period of time, you might feel that life passed you by while you lived in Never-Neverland.

Who, in their right mind, would subject themselves to this self-inflicted, isolated, and painful life? A dedicated writer, that’s who!

Some wannabe writers quit their day job to become a professional writer only to come away saying, “Hey, this writing gig is hard work!”

Who makes it? Educated, persistent writers who find power in changing a reader’s mind, developing dreams, receiving a check, and seeing their byline in print, but perhaps the biggest reward is inspiring readers, swaying their opinions, and meeting their needs.

Writing is as essential to a writer as blood is to life. Are you willing to make it a priority?

We invite you to explore the craft of writing at Creative Writing Institute, where each student receives a personal tutor. Let’s join, arm in arm, and march forward in 2013. Writing will be our priority! Nothing will stop us!


4 thoughts on “Bleeding on the Keyboard

    1. Hi Deb, Yes,Tony did do a great job on the article, Ernest Hemingway also is the first to shorten the sentences,is what I read about him, Interesting, And there is a great pianist who played so long and hard which caused his fingers to bleed, Another blood all over the keys, now that’s loving the work, The love of writing & playing piano takes you to another lovely place ! Sonny Dinger


      1. You made such a good point here. It’s true – you can write yourself out of this world and into any world that you want to create. The only limit is your own imagination. Great observation. Deb


  1. I truly love it, I never knew I could love writing so much,
    I enjoy working with words,learning which one is more powerful,
    One can travel the world just reading the great stories that is written.
    Many of my older friends and relatives, could not read as I grew up.
    But I have been blessed that I can read & write.!
    Thanks to people like Deborah Owen who is so faithful in help others
    keep their thoughts on writing!
    Thank you for listening,
    Happy Day !
    Sonny Dinger


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