Writing Fantasy

Fantasy Writing Tips

By Deborah Owen

Have you ever wanted to write fantasy but didn’t know where to begin? Then this is the article for you. By the time you finish reading, you will be able to write your first fantasy story.

Writing fantasy is the art of turning an impractical idea into a reality in the reader’s mind. It’s using your imagination to find its deepest creative power. It’s the ability to visualize things and places you have never seen. What a vast and exciting realm that opens!

Begin by freeing your mind of everything that is real and tangible. Escape this world of gravity and float beyond the ties of places and time. What do you see? Purple beings with six snouts and wings? A planet completely engulfed in water with underworld cities? An atmosphere where the inhabitants breathe gas and explode when they reach maturity? Fantasy is the place of no bounds, no limits – the place where anything is possible.

When you get your first vision of a new world or new life, go to the next step. What characters are in this world? What problems do they encounter? How will they solve these problems?

Remember that your characters must be three-dimensional. You must have a physical description in mind. How do they typically act? What is out of the ordinary for them?

How do they communicate? How do they move from place to place? Do they fly? Slither? Swim? Waddle? Can they function on their own, or are they dependent on something else for life? Are your characters supposed to be royalty? Are they prisoners? Are they heading up a revolution? How intelligent are they? Do you want to involve some kind of magic? Is it a story of good versus evil? You must know all of this and more before you can advance the plot.

Take the time to write down fifty things about each of the main characters and the world they live in. What do the inhabitants eat? What things are unacceptable in their world? What is their vocation?

Now decide what the overall story is about – not just the middle conflict scene. The middle climactic scene is called the plot. The meaning in the overall story is the theme, so what will your theme be? Slithering lizards battling dinosaurs over human prey? Colliding worlds that give birth to a new planet?

When you have answered all of these questions, begin writing the middle conflict scene of the story. Next, write the ending. (You don’t need to connect them yet.) By that time you will know what needs to be in the beginning of the story to complete it. Develop that last. And finally, connect the three parts.

This is called the DeBowen writing system and it’s very easy. If you write your story in this order, everything will fall into place naturally, and that which you have imagined will become a reality.

So, have you come up with any cool fantasy ideas after reading this article? Did this help at all? Let us know in the comments below! Also, if you’d like more great tips and guidance with much greater depth, don’t forget to head over to www.CreativeWritingInstitute.com to find out about our creative writing courses–they’re priced quite competitively!

12 thoughts on “Writing Fantasy

  1. Reblogged this on dingersonny and commented:
    I am driving my V W Bug at midnight, in southern Wisconsin ,
    Almost out of gas and the radio breaks the silence and says,
    Hey Sonny, “we are running out gas, this a very dark place,
    even I am afraid now, 6/15/13 my 69 V W Bug story,


  2. Hi Deb, Great writing tips , great subject for a serious one such as I But, I am game to try a short story any way, Fantasy is a subject I never did think about,

    It could be a fantasy trip, bump into a detour and end up who knows where? That would work, right ? There you have me starting a fantasy story, ha ha Thank you so much, You always get me excited when you write, You are the Best! Sonny


      1. Hi Deb,
        Thank you for the writing tip, I was just rereading the Emotions again you sent,
        And it seems I would enjoy writing a Fantasy story than anger,
        And I would want comedy there too,
        I’ll write one and send it to you , O K?
        Thank you my friend,Have a great day!


        1. No, the character details won’t be part of the outline. Your outline should be very simple. Just note the highlights of the story. Example:
          1. Two children kidnapped
          2. Attempt escape
          3. Man catches them
          4. Living another year in captivity
          5. The great escape
          6. Kidnapper caught and jailed

          Hope that helps.


          1. Hi Deb,
            I am so happy I can ask questions here now,
            What is the difference between Writing Fantasy and fiction?
            It is still an untruth, isn’t it?
            Fiction is not true, it is fiction, Fantasy is unreal also,
            And both can be fun to read, right? Please forgive me for not knowing,
            Thank you,


  3. Hi Deb,
    And good morning to you,
    I just read the writing tips and wondered how this can done so easily,
    When a person like myself is always in a ” so serious state of mind” , ha ha ,
    I am serious here, it seems like it could be fun,
    But, would be slow starting, ha ha , Unless you’re a dreamer,

    Now , I could do that, with travel, or music, or becoming famous with a gift or talent,
    Thank you for helping me “Dream ” for a little while,


    1. Nothing is “easily done” when it comes to writing. lol But here’s a tip to make it easier. Pretend you’re on a camping trip with your keyboard. You’re near a woods, and you set up your keyboard outside. You hear a rustle in the bushes. What is it? Let your mind create some fantasy. Maybe it’s a being that is a primitive human, or an alien, or a very intelligent animal that has come to hear your music. What would they do when you approach them? Let your mind play with ideas like this for a creative writing practice! Deb


      1. Oh my, I love that idea,
        When I first learned guitar, that is where I sat to play,
        In the yard, under a tree, and all the birds around began to sing,
        I laughed so hard at them and thanked them for all the help,
        Oh, this is so much fun, that is why a love music so much,It lifts your spirit!
        Thank you so much, you made my day
        Happy Day !


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