International Short Story Contest Closes Aug. 9, 2014 – No fee!

Creative Writing Institute opens International Short Story Contest

* 1st prize – $200 USD or a FREE Writing Course with a Personal Tutor, valued at $260.
* 2nd prize – $100 USD or a Credit of $150 toward a Writing Course.
* 3rd prize – $50 USD or a Credit of $100 toward a Writing Course.
* All winners and 7 honorable mentions will be published in our 2014 Anthology, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

* Fee: None

* When does it start? NOW!
* When does it end? Aug. 9, 2014 Midnight, EST

This is a themed contest. Word limit: between 1,000 and 2,000 words. Your story may be any genre, but these exact words must appear (together) in the story:

I have a list and a map. What could possibly go wrong?

Read ALL the guidelines at

Note: dozens of entries are discarded every year because writers don’t follow the rules!


4 thoughts on “International Short Story Contest Closes Aug. 9, 2014 – No fee!

  1. I’m sorry. I wish I could, but we have to close this one so we can be ready for the next one on time. It will be a flash fiction contest and will be in Sept. or Oct. Hope you can enter that one! Deb


    1. Deborah–I received a note on Submittable that my entry for this contest had been accepted, but I haven’t received any other information (and I don’t know what this means).–Nancy “Catfish Tears”


      1. Hi Nancy,

        Submittable sends those out automatically. It just means your entry arrived and was being considered for judging. We announced the winners in the Sept. newsletter. Your story drew a lot of attention but was not a winner. I’m sorry. The anthology will be named Wrong! and will be for sale in December. Thanks for writing. Deb


  2. Hello. Is there any chance of an extension on your writing contest? I have been writing a story for your contest. But I made a mistake on reading the date deadline. Please advise. Thank you.


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