Is this Public Figure a Charlatan?

Writer Dreads Daily Writing

by Deborah Owen

This is a true story, and you have a right to know about it.

A certain public figure has committed to write 50,000 words for NaNoWriMo this year, but just between you and me and the gate post, she dreads it. She can’t back out because she has made a public commitment. What is she afraid of?

This lady has done public speaking, been published many times, tutored writers, edited books and is a book coach. If she didn’t want to commit to 50,000 words in 30 days, why did she sign up for it? Better yet, why did she make it public? Is she a charlatan?

You would know her name if I told you. You and I have the right to hold her accountable. For that matter, I guess you also have the right to know her name. It’s Deborah Owen, but I’m not a charlatan. Let me try to answer the questions.

I made a public decision to join NaNo this year so I could make Creative Writing Institute a NaNoWriMo headquarters next year. To do that, I needed to know and understand the program, face the same fears and excuses other writers face, and choose a subject worthy of my time, but…

  • I told myself I didn’t have time to write every day.
  • I told myself the book didn’t have to show real effort. Just write about anything.
  • I told myself no one would know if I didn’t follow through.
  • I told myself I made the NaNo commitment in a rash moment.
  • And finally, I told myself the truth. Now I have the responsibility to write at least 1,666 words a day for… *gulp… 30 long days.

Okay, now that I have cornered myself:

  • I will make the time to write!
  • I WILL put effort into what I write because I won’t waste my time doing anything less than my best. This novel is going to be published.
  • Everyone will know if I don’t follow through because I will post my daily record on Facebook.
  • I did not make this decision in a rash moment. I just didn’t see the clock moving it up to my doorstep so quickly… although I knew the day of reckoning was bound to come too soon.

And now it’s time for you to face the truth, too. Why don’t YOU join the NaNoWriMo challenge to write 50,000 words in a month?

Huh? Do I detect a flutter in your pulse? A stammer in your speech? Does your Adam’s apple feel as big as a real one when you try to swallow? You were interested in reading about the charlatan woman who had made a commitment she didn’t want to fulfill. Why aren’t you willing to make the same commitment?

You’re a writer, aren’t you? Just because you haven’t made a public commitment doesn’t relieve your responsibility to write daily.

  • You’re busy? Me, too.
  • You’re afraid? Me, too. Maybe my book won’t turn out so great.
  • You don’t know what to write? Me neither. I can’t decide between three books.

Quit making excuses. Go to and sign up. Get brave. You expect it of me. I expect it of you! And, hopefully, Creative Writing Institute can be your host next year. Please drop in for a short visit.


6 thoughts on “Is this Public Figure a Charlatan?

  1. Hi Gi,

    I’m sorry. I didn’t know about the miscarriage but am thrilled at your new pregnancy. I’ll be praying for you. And thanks for the update on the A-Z at NaNo. That helped. Blessings. Deb


      1. This should help explain A-to-Z better: A-to-Z Challenge. Last year I didn’t finish on time and decided to continue at my own pace, but I still dind’t finish when all that was left was a post for “Z”. This year, I could’ve done it if I hadn’t had a miscarriage and had to take a lot of rest. Decided to continue at my own pace again. Currently unable to focus again as I need rest again. Don’t want to lose another one…So yes, thanks for the much-needed prayers, Deb.


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