Traveling thru Texas…

… and thinking of all the ways traveling applies to life and writing.

I’m on a new computer so I don’t have graphics today, but I thought I’d give you insight into my vacation as hubby and I travel America. We (hubby and I) left Indiana almost four weeks ago and are now in the great state of Texas, heading west in our RV (with a feral kitten on board… now folks, that is an experience!) and towing a Jeep. I can’t help but think of writing as I ponder the scenery.

Tumble-down houses that once shown bright with pride now sink into the dust. They remind me of writers who charge into the new year with great ambitions, only to find defeat another year. It’s better to seek a slower and more steady road. New Year’s resolutions and turning over a new leaf simply don’t work, but mapping out a plan by hand and rescheduling your time does!

I see bridges under construction and think of wannabe writers who are trying to restructure their lives, but don’t know how. If you fit in that category, I’ll give you one hint… ASK! I made a promise to myself a long time ago when a successful person wouldn’t give me the time of day. I promised I would never turn my back on a sincere writer asking for help. My email is, but if you won’t follow my advice, please don’t ask for it.  🙂  (My graphic for the day.)

Our vacation leads us through lush lands and desert, rough roads and smooth, ocean waters, lakes, ponds and streams. They remind me that I haven’t yet “arrived,” nor will I ever, because tomorrow I want to be better than I am today.

Horseback riders jog down the beach and through the forests, reminding me of my bumpy start in the field of writing. I wrote for ten years before I took a class. I had already written a novel and thought I should take at least one course before I sold it. LOL That one class served to teach me how much I didn’t know and almost overnight, I felt like I was drowning in the abyss. What a shocking reality! I didn’t know there were writing rules, that editors hang together like fleas, or that I should query nonfiction but not fiction. Yes, ignorance can truly be bliss, and the more I learned the more I saw how far I had yet to go. That’s okay. I have invested in a pair of good walking shoes.

Little trickles of streams empty into bigger streams that supply rivers that run to the ocean. There is no boundary on how far you can go if you have the persistence, steam and drive to get there.

Once upon a time, I submitted a writing analysis to xxx and thought to myself, They’ll tell me I have writing talent and then try to sell me classes. Well, sure enough, that’s exactly what they did. I scoffed at it, but somehow never threw that report away. A year or so ago I ran across that sample of writing and the report on it and you know what? They nailed it on the head! I do have talent and I did need those courses! Honest. No lie. (I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer. I had to become a writing school administrator to learn that.)

So now Creative Writing Institute offers honest and detailed free writing evaluations. Write a short story up to 1,700 words (no swearing, profanity, or adult scenes, please) in third person, past tense, and send it to me. It’s that easy. Mr. E. Lynn Carroll spends two hours analyzing stories and his reports are detailed and to the point, but be prepared. His job is not to pat you on the back and tell you how great you are, but rather to point out writing weaknesses and offer suggestions on how to improve.

And by the way, our newsletter offers a huge variety of articles and is perhaps the only newsletter that will start a new article just because you request it! Give it a try at (top right hand corner), and we’ll be looking for your sample story to evaluate. See you on down the road… and now that we are out of the desert and back into civilization and the world of the Internet, my posts will be regular.

*humming as I hunker down for the night near El Paso, TX…

*lights out

Deborah Owen


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