5 thoughts on “November Newsletter

  1. Hi Debbie,
    You first taught me about writing to heal, and I learned that writing to heal works ,to heal any health one may have.
    Thanks again for listening friends


  2. Hi There, Deb,
    The contest ( which is my first one )
    caused me to actually get serious about my writing,
    Since I met Deborah Owen, CEO of C W I Creative writing Institute

    LOL, I learned she is a real and honest person,
    I wanted to build a relationship with her as a writing friend,

    She actually is my only writing friend that I continued writing to
    As time goes by I have always enjoyed her Writing Tips Newsletter ,
    And began to understand the important work as she teaches cancer patients,,
    How to write, to Write to Heal,
    This caused me take a second look at her work/website.
    Now, I choose to be part of the work, in supporting her and the work,
    Thank you Deborah Owen,for the great teaching, I love learning!
    Sonny Dinger


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